Tire Linc Auto Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The Tire Linc TPMS system from CURT allows you to monitor tire pressure and temperature as you tow in real-time. Tire Linc enables you to monitor tire pressure for up to 20 tires simultaneously, making it the ideal solution for towing 5th wheel RVs, travel trailers, boat trailers, and agricultural or utility trailers.

Highlights of the Curt TPMS include:

  • Actively monitors tire pressures and temperatures in real-time
  • Provides push notifications when hazardous conditions occur
  • Easy do-it-yourself TPMS installation
  • Repeater technology strengthens wireless signal for reliable TPMS connectivity
  • Can monitor up to 20 tires simultaneously
  • Removes need to check tire pressure manually
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